National Commission of the Elderly Board outlines plans for its 100 days

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Chairman of the National Commission of the Elderly, Clyde DeHaas has set in motion what the Board intends to achieve in its first 100 days.
In an invited comment, Mr DeHaas stated that the Board will conduct an inventory of the urgent needs and challenges that the elderly and institutions dealing with the elderly are confronted with on a daily basis “as well as to identify the opportunities that may exist in these areas.”
The involvement of all stakeholders through consultations and surveys will be methodologies used to execute the inventory exercise.
“The feedback of the stakeholder engagement will form the basis for further policy formulation, action plans and recommendations to the Minister of Human Services and Social Security,” the Board’s Chairperson noted.
Other areas that will be addressed by the Commission include nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition, isolation, physical conditions in care institutions, and disproportionate COVID-19 mortality rates.
Last Thursday, Hon. Dr Vindhya Persaud, the subject Minster congratulated Mr. De Haas and the other members of the Board during a virtual meeting. She urged them to be “passionate advocates for the elderly, and ensure their rights are protected.”
The Commission’s members are: Claudette Foo; Yvonne Yearwood; Fayne Ramsarran Boodhoo; Wendell Roberts; Seeranie Persaud; Zaheeda Hack; Patrick Findlay; Yvonne Pearson; Dr Pedro Pons, Representative of the Ministry of Health and Ricardo Banwarie of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, Ex-Officio Member/Secretary.