Social Assistance Programmes
These programmes provide psychological, social, financial and other material assistance as well as regulatory services for senior citizens, the infirm, the indigent and destitute to improve their status and implement their abilities to cope with the stress of living.

Public Assistance is a temporary financial assistance designed to assist the infirm, aged, handicapped, orphans, persons affected by HIV and all other persons who cannot adequately maintain their households. The programme is subjected to periodic reviews to ensure eligibility. Applicants are interviewed by the officers after which the duly constituted Local Board of Guardians of the district will deliberate and decide to whom and how much to be given. Do not allow three (3) months to elapse without uplifting payment for Public Assistance from your District Post Office.

How do I apply?

Who to contact?
General Office
Location: 1, Water and Cornhill Streets, Stabroek
Telephone Contact: 592 223-6027 Ext 2273/2274
Regional Offices
Region #1
The Regional Administration Office
Locations: Port Kaituma & Mabaruma
Telephone Contact: 592 772-5029
Region #2
The Regional Administration Office/ Probation & Social Security Officer
Locations: Anna Regina
Telephone Contact: 592 771-4311
Region #3
The Regional Administration Office/ Probation & Social Security Officer
Locations: Pouderoyen Education Building
Telephone Contact: 592 264-2690
Regions #5 & #6
The Mahaicony Regional Office/Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Building
Ministry of Social Protection Office
Location: New Amsterdam
Telephone Contact: 592 333–3318
Location: Corentyne
Telephone Contact: 592 335-3051
Location: Corentyne Berbice
Telephone Contact: 592 337-2667)
Region #7
Probation & Social Services Officer
Locations: Bartica Regional Building
Telephone Contact: 592 455-2964
Region #9
Probation & Social Services Officer
Locations: Lethem Regional Building
Telephone Contact: 592 772-2307
Region #10
Probation & Social Services Officer
Locations: Linden Regional Building
Telephone Contact: 592 44-6330

Any Guyanese over sixty five (65) and older living Guyana is eligible to apply for Senior Citizens Pension.
Guyanese who live overseas do not qualify unless he/she returns to live in Guyana permanently.


Each pensioner is entitled to a free travel pass for the GOVERNMENT OWNED FERRIES. A pensioner who receives a water bill in his/her name is entitled to water rates assistance.
Contact the Social Worker in your district or in the Ministry of Social Protection to get more information.

Pension Book Guidelines

A Pension Book, consisting of payments for 12 months, is given to each eligible pensioner. This book allows a Pensioner to cash the vouchers in the book on a monthly basis.
Here are a few useful tips to know:

How do I apply?

or call any of the numbers listed in the area closest to you.

This Unit provides assistance to persons facing immediate difficulties or a crisis. It helps those who are poor and vulnerable, and aims at enhancing the individual’s way of life.
Who benefits?
  • Single parents (mostly mothers) with minor children and may be unemployed
  • Disabled individuals, recipient of public assistance or employed, but working for an extremely minimal income
  • Old age pensioners
  • School children (who may be receiving public assistance, or whose parents are living in financial hardship)
  • Persons that are medically unfit
  • Persons who are affected by natural and manmade disasters.
Assistance offered

How do I apply?
Assistance is provided under specific pre-requisites.